Quarantine 2020 Gallery Updates

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Quarantine 2020 Gallery Updates

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I am struggling to continue my photography during the whole Covid19 thing, working with 2 local models whom I've known for years. The model wanted to play more with rope lights. It's a great theme to build on. I've got enough images for a gallery exhibition... you know, if they were open and people were going to art galleries and I was still displaying art in galleries.

Aside, I am submitting work to virtual galleries with zoom on-line receptions. I like that idea better. Rather than printing photos, cutting a mat, finding a piece of glass and frame, dropping off work, not having it sell, then pick it back up to throw into my cluttered closet I can just upload images to a virtual gallery for people to enjoy and comment on. It takes a lot less effort.

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What an amazing photo shoot! Everything came together - the lighting, the model, the theme - we're getting a bit more kinky with nipple clamps. hmmmmm.

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Finally, a bit of porn, er I mean "adult content" erotic photography. I save it off to one of the galleries. See if you can find it!

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