2023 Gallery Updates

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2023 Gallery Updates

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Seems I am keeping up tradition of annual website updates. First, horrors of horrors, my web host decided that I must upgrade to PHP v.8 which broke a whole bunch of shit. The whole reason I installed a PHP photo gallery was to reduce the amount of time I spend on the weekends maintaining this forsaken website which gets a whopping 60 visitors per month. I get way more traffic on my print-on-demand site, https://henrybutz.com/

I met a new model for my lingerie projects. You can find those updates at https://www.hbutz.com/gallery/index.php?/category/19
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Back on the kink website, Surreal Cinema, mostly duplicates with the addition of some erotic poses. There's some hot Asian photographs at https://www.surrealcinema.com/portfolio ... ategory/59 for your pleasure. And, one more gallery https://www.surrealcinema.com/portfolio ... ategory/57 update which has a few cool photos in it.
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Back to PHP, seems my webhost dropped all support for Piwigo but I managed to update it for PHP v8.1. I wish they'd quit making major syntax updates to PHP which breaks everything. It's a horror show. Then, I had not noticed that my custom template for Piwigo was crashing the mobile version due to a slight syntax change. I fixed that.

It's been an absolutely horrific year. I don't even remember much of it The day job was mostly yelling and screaming. The tenant upstairs keeps stealing the spare tire cover off my Jeep. My dentist retired. I caught the flu twice. and, I lost my health insurance. Some of these things should be resolved by Summer's end, hopefully.

On the bright side, I've got a sex slave scheduled for later this week. She's very exciting. The sequence of events which brought me to this point are beyond imagination.

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