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 Post subject: Why Razer Sucks
PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 7:38 pm 
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Razer makes "game'ing" products - mice, headphones, all those shiny toys for on-line and off-line computer games. I looked to them while wrestling with my brand new iPhone 7 with no headphone jack. Background: Apple introduced a new phone with zero industry support. Headsets and headphones for a lightning connector simply do not exist or exceed $500, which I am not willing to pay to facilitate phone calls. Bluetooth audio sounds like garbage and the mic input is too low with no way to adjust it. NFC and WiFi are not suited for the task. And, lightning to TRRS adapters are expensive and easily break.

Chinese knock-off headphone adapters either do not support TRRS or do not supply voltage to the microphone. Most are designed to allow charging the phone while listening to music, but not talking on the phone. Remember the phone part of the iPhone 7? It's a phone, too. Cell phone headsets often do not cover both ears, do not block enough background noise, and very few have a boom mike. I wanted a big over the ear headset with a big boom mike which I might be able to adapt to work with iPhone 7. Enter Razer.

Their design includes glowing, pulsating LED lighting which can be disabled, thankfully. Nothing screams weirdo more than an adult with glowing headphones talking on his cellphone. Amazon and Ebay offered some options but I feared buying a counterfeit or something without a warranty. Razer's online store offered $10 off first purchase, which was the closer. Ok, you've got a deal.

On August 12th, 2017 I requested my $10 off coupon. A few moments later an email arrives from Razer entitled, Welcome to Razer, content which says, "Use the below code at checkout: None Available" That's odd for a coupon code. I had the headset in my shopping cart - which, by the way, I needed to keep re-adding since every time I navigated away from the shopping cart page the contents were expunged. A bit hostile... but, moving on. I tried entering the code "None Available" in for a coupon code. The website displayed the following text in red, Invalid Voucher. I'm not getting anywhere.

Miffed that I was cheated out of my $10 bucks, I opened support case 01294633 to ask for a new coupon code as I had requested because I hate being lied to. I was promised coin and I demand what I was promised. I received a nice response with coupon code L08-XTW9-KCGW-GGP2. Super! True to my word, having fulfilled my request for $10 off I (once again) re-added the headset to my shopping cart and gleefully provided my payment information. Gimme my Razer headset.

I receive an email shortly there-after confirming that order number RZUSWP00000006657752 has been initiated. Less than 5 minutes later I receive a follow-up which says, quote, "We are glad to let you know that we have successfully processed your order and are preparing your order for shipment. If you paid by credit card, your credit card has now been charged." Excitement! My headset is being boxed as I watch.

That was all August 12th. I'm waiting... waiting... waiting... August 13th, August 14th, August 15th... so I check the status of my order. Apparently Razer charged my credit card without shipping the goods. "According to the Federal Trade Commission, many credit card issuers do not allow merchants to charge your credit card before they ship." Trust me, Razer, this complaint will is coming down the pipe next. Razer can issue a pre-authorization request and put a temporary hold on my card. But, they cannot actually make the charge until the merchandise physically ships.

The headphones never shipped. On August 17th I received an email which says, quote, " Hello Guest,"... Guest? Now I'm reduced to guest status? The email continues, "Your cancellation request has been submitted. " Cancellation? What cancellation? I've already paid for the headphones and am anxious awaiting shipping for the past 5 days. Where's my stuff? I open a new case with Razer support number 01302219. On August 18th I receive an email saying, "We have processed your order refund." I don't want a refund. Where are my headphones?

I open a new case, 01294633 to inquire once again what the heck is going on? I receive a response to case number 01302196 on August 18th with the explanation, "the shipping address was identified as a freight forwarding address by our system thus the order was cancelled." A couple of things. NO, it's not a "freight forwarding address" and second, How about a phone call or email to put the order on hold while I explain to you that I use The UPS Store to receive packages, especially electronics, to protect them from thieves snatching my packages off my door step during the day. The UPS Store does NOT forward packages. They SIGN for packages, keep them locked up, and then I SIGN for them when I retrieve it from them. They handle a LOT of my mail-order business. The email continues, "Please be advised, for the order to be placed successfully on our webstore, kindly use a physical USA address when placing the order."

Physical USA address? The UPS Store is right there on Main Street. I sent them a Google Street View image showing the store front in a small shopping center. THIS is a physical USA address - there it is! It's a red sign behind the truck, next to the pizza place. It is not some virtual address or a forwarding address. It's real - call them. Ask, hey, out of curiosity, is Henri a real person? How many years has he received packages there and how much merchandise flows through your shop for him? The answer would be yes, many years, and oh so many many packages.

Razer writes back in response to case 01302219 asking me to only respond to case 01302196 which would put me further back in the support response queue. I write to respond to case 01302196, telling Razer what I think of them and their inability to ship to me AFTER they charged my credit card. I receive a response back from case 01294633 by phone... uh, which case are we up to? I'm getting lost. Is that a new case? I write back to Razer, tell them to keep their headphones, tell them there are plenty of competitors, and advise them that I have written to the top executives at The UPS Store to inform them that Razer won't do business with them (this is true).

I'm not done yelling at them, primarily because if I loose the ability to ship mail-order packages to The UPS Store I am royally screwed. I'm back to leaving packages on the front doorstep, signing release slips for the driver, begging them not to refuse delivery, and/or driving to the local delivery hubs to retrieve packages.

Razer - you suck.

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