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PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:28 pm 
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I'm dumping my iPhone. I haven't been this excited since switched to OS X 10.4 Tiger on the Mini. I used to laugh at people who spent hundreds of dollars on a phone. But, the "smartphone" of today is the PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) of years gone by. I'm from the Handspring and Palm Pilot era, along with my flip phone. Apple did something neat when the glued together the iPod, the PDA, and cell phone into a one neat touchscreen when most PDA's at the time were ruled by the stylus.

I gasp in horror if I leave my house without my phone. What if my car breaks down? What if I get lost? What if an important message comes in and I won't be able to read it for.... HOURS! yea, I'm addicted.

Earlier this year I upgraded from iPhone 5 to 7 to gain the ability to use WiFi calling on T-Mobile. I didn't know this was also available on the Samsung Galaxy 8. I was able to use Apple Pay, not realizing that Samsung Pay is better supported. The screen, 3D touch, and fingerprint reader are the best... yet Apple removed the fingerprint reader on the iPhone X as well as the home button as well as the headphone jack!

I bought a set of headphones for air travel but the iPhone 7, 8, and X no longer have the ancient 3.5mm audio jacks. I had expected Apple to back up their decision to remove the jack with alternatives but instead gave us a fragile and expensive dongle. The bluetooth audio mics is a known issue to be low in volume making bluetooth headsets difficult to make calls and not all airlines have embraced bluetooth headsets for passenger use.

My headphone case turned into a collection of Chinese lightning splitters, alternate charger plugs, dongles, and lightning cables, and adapters. I thought about purchasing an old fashioned iPod but Apple discontinued that as well. I dusted off my iPhone 5 and now use that as my media player because it has a damn audio jack!

It has been one compromise after another. I used to own a "flip phone" with an LED on top to let you know if a text message was waiting. If I left the room and returned and the light was blinking I knew I had a message or I missed a call. iPhone? No LED. Never had one. Every time I left the room and came back I had to physically interact with my phone to check for messages. Always. For years I've had to adopt this habit of picking up the phone, pressing a button, and looking for messages. Sometimes I need to unlock the phone and drill down into the voicemail menu to see if I missed any voicemails because, again, there would be no indication if a low signal caused a call to go right to voicemail and ruin my whole day.

I see many apps on the market as Android-Only, such as those which can access and read SMS. When I purchased my Wrangler last year, uConnect said they would not be supporting the iPhone any longer. There still is no expandable memory which forces me to spend more money on memory I'm not likely to use. The Apple Store charges way more for the shiny toys than the carriers do.

Through the life of iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Apple have never repaired the camera watercolor effect - what people believe to be an over-liberal use of a sharpening filter. This was forcing me to use the raw format and bring it into a photo editing program to convert to jpeg, one photograph at a time.

I wanted my iPhone to read my text messages while I was driving hands-free but Apple forbids third-party apps from reading text messages apparently. Siri Hands Free and Apple Car Play are not as supported as well as Android car options. Car Play would lock my phone up and requires it to be plugged in. Wireless Car Play was supported by Alpine for last year's radio model, who dropped it in this year's model for some reason. I am not surprised.

Last year's Alpine radio did not have support for satellite radio and Car Play requires a cell phone signal for maps navigation, which is its greatest weakness. This forces manufacturers to offer it only as a supplemental navigation system on a more expensive radio.

I wanted to run Android apps on my iPhone using an emulator which would have given me the best of both worlds. I do this on my Mac Mini with VMWare to run windows apps. But, Apple has forbidden this on the iPhone.

I would like to blink an LED when there is a text waiting for me but the iPhone does not support this and Apple has forbidden third-party apps from having enough permissions to do this either. If I want to check for a waiting text I have to keep pressing the sleep button.

After I got iPhone continuity hand-off working, I had to disable it for incoming phone calls. Calls come in and ring on every device but fail to stop ringing when I answer the phone. Incoming texts on all devices is maddening and devices never sync up proper to read vs unread messages. The Messages desktop app keeps crashing. Since I have an older Mac Mini, one of the OS X updates now causes the display to flicker in isolated parts of the screen when playing back video in a browser. I can get rid of the flicker by dragging a window to that part of the screen to update the screen.

During my vacation in Niagara Falls I missed an opportunity to record a video because my phone was out of memory. It took me a while to find that Apple stole my available memory by pushing an update over WiFi, despite me asking the phone to NOT do automatic updates. The phone will bug me endlessly until I update the phone. Every new update brings with it many problems and I need to wait a month for Apple to release bug fixes before I update my phone, all the while dismissing the pop-up message saying that an update exists.

I had originally looked at the Samsung Galaxy S8 to convince myself that Apple has the best phone on the market and that iTunes and the app store was the best model for a cell phone. S8 has a better supported NFC payment feature, a better camera, a more open and better supported operating system, wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi calling, plus an expandable microSD card, plus a headphone jack.

Apple's phone is slightly faster; but, it also uses up the battery quicker.

Sorry Apple. I've been with you since iPhone 3 and now switching to Android which has a superior phone. I am exasperated fighting with your iPhone to make it work as I want it. I am also reluctant to update my OS X for fear you will lock out or break my apps with S.I.P. or break my video.

If you're an Apple fanboy, fear not. I still have my iPhone 5, reduced to iPod music duty with a tang sim @ $6/mo for my "backup phone." And, I have my Mac Mini running Yosemite - it sometimes needs to catch its breath to run the bloatware but it's still usable. But for the cell phone - Apple sucks.

I want to play my music using a single pair of headphones without packing a separate bag of Chinese dongles, splitters, and TRRS adapter plus a backup battery. I want to install apps without permission from headquarters. I want to view porn on my cell phone - nakkid pictures, too, which Cupertino forbids as not being part of their business model. I want to slap in an a microSD card full of music and video or transfer files to and from my phone. I want to download tweaks and hacks for my lifestyle - like, reading text messages or flashing the LED without Big Brother telling me that it's in conflict with some other idea of theirs.

I don't give two shits about talking shit emoji. Here's how you make a smile
Here's how you wink
Here's how you exclaim
You DO NOT NEED AN APP FOR THAT! If iMessage is your sole purpose for retaining your iPhone you need to get a life (if you're over 18). If you're a teen-age'r, hey - enjoy the talking shit tech.

I gave this feedback to Apple, who limited me to 2 paragraphs... so I sent them six pieces of feedback to let them splice together why their marketshare is falling into the single digits.

My Galaxy S8 arrives next week. I assume they've corrected that inconvenient "bursting into flames" bug so I can carry it on a plane. I used to wonder, WHY would ANYONE cling onto a smartphone like the Galaxy Note7 which could kill them and everyone around them? oh, now I get it.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 3:23 pm 
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I guess I shouldn't be surprised that when I plugged my new Galaxy S8 into my mac, the phone said "no USB connected," the mac completely ignored it, and I received a pop-up saying, "I am trickle charging mode only." This was a tad easier on the Win7 laptop. There, every time I plugged it in the phone asked if I wanted to grant full permission to access the file structure or if I wanted to teather my internet connection. although... my teather disconnects mysteriously from time to time and creates a new network connection every damn time I plug it in.

Ah, the joys of life changing events. The Samsung Pay app on Samsung's brand new phone crashes and dies. I had to switch to "Android Pay" but it's a long involved process to bring it up. Samsung Pay was a swipe-up gesture, which cannot be reprogrammed, not easily anyway. So, like many others I took a crack at re-programming the Bixby Button. I found a sweet app for that.. then, had to put the phone into developer USB debug mode and run a script to mod permissions. The instructions were to download an SDK to the phone and AGREE to giving the software full admin rights to download any apps it wants. You know, guys, these are the exact permissions required to install a virus. so, cannot do it. I settled for it monitoring when Bixby runs, closes it down, then launches Android Pay so I can quickly get into the payment system with a single button press. Trust me - if you're from New York and you're screwing with your phone on a check-out line you'll have a dozen pairs of eyes drilling a hole in the back of your head with intense stares as everyone thinks, what is taking so damn long?

Samsung grabbed my microSD card and flagged it for "internal storage" rather than letting me choose to have it as "portable storage." (sigh) I didn't feel like fighting with it. Some say it is possible to partition it. I googled and found an article entitled, "Your phone probably doesn't support it" which was clever considering the author didn't even know what I was searching for.. yet, knew the answer. Samsung is a force to be reckoned with.

Then, my friends at t-mobile offered more than they could provide. They offered an Internet based "digits" service which would allow me to send messages and take/receive phone calls from any desktop or Internet device using my phone number. It would be nice if it worked. Incoming messages don't come in and there is no phone history. I switched to MightyText - which is a tad touchy on the mac with the notification center but sorta works most of the time.

I grabbed all my messages history from iPhone and copied them to the Android thanks to another app - over a 1000 texts in my history. it's good to have history since I'm too lazy to add every phone number to my contact list. I customized the wallpaper and added a weather widget... which apparently downloaded another icon which "airpushed" a pop-up ad onto my fucking home screen. whoa. NOT cool. All un-installed and a secondary a/v program installed just for good measure. Yea, I'm one of those naughty guys who can't resist the occasional rogue unknown source apk, my first one being PornHub - naturally. I mean, where else are you going to get your free porn from?

I moved PornHub to SamSung's hidden folder. Wow, that's cool. It's not just a hidden folder. It's a jailed sandbox! It has its own apps, files, file browser, email.... it's a phone within a phone. I mean... obviously from looking at my website my phone is chock full of nakid pictures, mostly shit I created myself. I just like to keep it clean for those times when I have hand the phone to someone at work and don't need to keep warning them about clicking too many things. I even changed my wallpaper to a photo I took of The Manhattan Bridge in NYC rather than a half-naked model.

The quickest solution to loading up the phone with content was via WiFi and an FTP server but it's a bit slow. I may need to VM into a USB connection under Windows emulation under the mac. I'm done with the photos - but, I just discovered that I can play DVD .iso files with VLC. Dang that's sweet. I mean... back when I had my iPhone3 I had down downsample 720x480 downto 480x320 - roughly half size. Well, times have changed. Do you know what the resolution is of the Galaxy S8? It's a mind boggling 2960x1440, approaching 4K video resolution. That's better than my desktop monitor! I still don't want a 4gig .iso file on the phone, tho, because I'll chomp thru memory faster than Donald Trump goes thru orange hair dye. What this means is I can rip DVD's in minutes rather than downsampling which takes hours - just compress them a bit more to save space because I went for the 64gig microSD card rather than the 256gig... because, I really don't want to maintain that much shit on a phone.

And, yes, I copied over all my iPhone text notification sounds. Why do Android people hate that idea? It's like not copying all your Windows fonts to a mac.

All this because Apple was 'brave enough" to remove the headphone jack. Let me 'splain something to ya. I can plug in a $2 pair of headphones into the headphone jack, or a $1000 pair of high quality headphones and get a decent sound out of it. When you take that away, I need an *expensive* set of headphones which has a DAC and licensed yet fragile lightning connector chip built into the cord. Or, I need dongles and splitters which Apple doesn't even manufacture to provide charging and headphones at the same time... and, that may or may not include microphone support which needs voltage from the chip in the connector. Yes, the audio headphone jack is ancient, cira 1870 but it has lasted so many years because it's simple and incredibly useful... like the "wheel." The "wheel" is ancient and useful and nobody is trying to re-invent it, Apple!

Wireless charging is nice, especially since the phone sucks down a lot of battery even overnight. I can't determine what's normal usage just yet and battery usages apps are limited to status on a non-root'ed device. Edge light notification was sweet. A few things: 1) Some phone cases will hide the edge light, 2) Edge toolbars will kill the edge lighting entirely, and 3) In bright light you cannot see the edge lighting. but, in a dimly lit room it's dazzling to see that edge chaser light for text's. I also looooove having my blinking LED message waiting indicator back! YES! Fuck you, Apple. I gave that up when I bought my iPhone2 years ago.

If a text comes in on iPhone and you're away, the event vanishes. On the iPhone5 Apple added it to the swipe-down notification screen. On the iPhone7 Apple added to the lock screen (finally). but, if you don't touch the phone it just sits there being black and useless. Finally, something so simple like an old fashioned answering machine. Text message waiting? You see a blinking blue light on the phone. If you miss the tiny blinking light, the phone will give you a little "wiggle" when you pick it up, as if to say, "Hey - check out the new text message when you get a chance." wow. That's just so sweet.

It's a bit more complicated to find decent and working apps on Android, tho. Developers have to write for a wide variety of phones, screen resolutions, various sugary sweet sounding Android versions, and internal politics of Google, Samsung, Apple, and various other large corporations who fight to lock down their operating systems and phones. Apple, being a dictator made life simple. There's two ways to go: 1) Apple's Way, 2) You're screwed. Deal with it. Apps in the App Store mostly worked as designed, unlike Google's Play Store where you need to pay attention to reviews and try out the free version if available.

I've had to pair my phone to my car stereo 3 times now where iPhone was set it and forget it. It was probably confused because the phone could still pick up my WiFi while trying to pair at home. It's best to pair your phone in the supermarket parking lot or other neutral location. And, omg the notifications. EVERYTHING wants to notify you of EVERYTHING. The phone was constantly buzzing and blinking until I calmed all that crap down. Notifications should be urgent ones or messages from friends, NOT crap like An update is available for an app you haven't even opened yet.

oh - T-mobile. I love you guys, but you nearly got me for $10 bucks. There were icons on the phone for T-Mobile apps, one being the ability to watch live TV. Great. I've always wanted to do that. There was a preview with a button saying, "Click here" and you agree to our terms and conditions. I clicked on "terms and conditions." Nothing happened. hmmmmm. I googled from the desktop and found it's a $10/mo add-on. hey now, play nice. No need to rip me off. ASK me if I want to spend $10/mo more, ok? I'd rather spend it on something else... like device insurance. ahbut, many of the insurance plans have a "deductible" e.g. you're paying $15/mo for "device protection which is costing you $180/yr. When the screen breaks it costs you $125... but, your deductible could be $149 e.g. you wind up paying the full price for the screen repair plus the $180 for useless insurance, for more than double if you didn't have any insurance. The moral of the story is, read the fine print.

Read *everything* because some apps want permissions which are unreasonable. e.g. the Samsung pdf writing app wanted to keep track of my location. No, you don't need that to create a pdf - screw off.

I've still yet to try the headphone jack! I tried Galaxy's camera and think it's way better than iPhone7. and, the fingerprint reader works nice, which Apple has already removed from iPhone X. Why go backwards? The home button with the fingerprint reader was sweet. oh well, I'm "done" with you. Galaxy has facial recognition... kinda works in good light. I haven't tried iris scanning. LOL Really, guys?

Other apps have all been replaced - banking, travel, entertainment, email, texting, GPS utilities, music, video, and then the addition of DVD .iso file support, third-party apk files, and widgets. I looked briefly at themes and wallpapers - ahhhghgh! omg it would take me hours to find something and they all look amazing. But, being a photographer I need to use my own photographs and designs for my phone, even if they aren't as nice or even if someone else can do it better.

So happy to be away from the Apple cult - but, hey, I still have my mac mini and my old iPhone5 which has been demoted to media player and backup cell phone on Ting. It's quite handy to still have an old Apple phone - just not the iPhone7 which I sold this week. Wake me up when you create an iPhone which I really want: Headphone jack, fingerprint reader, massive heavy battery which lasts forever, expandable memory, and the ability to install any app I want on MY phone.

edit: 9/29/17

I'm still not sure if my microSD card is formatted for "portable" or "internal." It has a lot of* files on it so I'm guessing it will break things if I yank it out. There are so many conflicting sources of information.

I managed to connect the phone to a mac! I had purchased some USB-C cables from amazon which had glowing reviews and touted they were compatible with Galaxy 8. One clue that something was up was the phone said it would only "slow charge." That's a clue that there's a communications problem i.e. there's this 56k resistor which may be missing. I swapped in the original Samsung cable and got the Samsung Sync program to work. Not sure now if I have to use "developer mode USB debug" or not or if Google Android file transfer will work. Such fun.

iTunes made a wreck out of my album cover art by not enforcing stricter file standards. Thankfully my collection is modest, not thousands of albums - mostly because I purchase physical CD's and scan them in by hand rather than deal with Apple's DRM. If they mess with me I can go back to the CD and re-rip it. Yes, I have discs everywhere and yes, I don't have copies of decent song I've ever heard - but, often it's good to be selective and I rarely have time to just sit and listen to music. I'm working with Media Monkey now to sort it out.

I discovered that the blinking LED on the S8 will blink blue for missed messages but green for missed phone calls. Not sure what color it would be for both :) and, I'm not that curious about it. The screen size of the S8 is massive compared to my old iPhone 5. I'm happy I didn't go for the "Note 8." I like my phone to be a phone, not a laptop.

Back in the 90's, we scoffed at people who dragged around so-called "pocket computers" as really unnecessary toys. But, when connected to wireless Internet, fast processor, and amazing resolution screen these "smart phones," formally known as PDA's are just astonishing. Apple didn't invent the thing - they just had one great idea. Then, let the idea wither away into an archaic design.

The Galaxy 8 is intelligent and well rounded enough to be a good assistant. I don't have to fight with it like I did with every iPhone I've ever owned. I don't have to look for "a way around" Apple's limitations. Can't connect USB? Use FTP. Can't connect FTP? Use an external card or cloud. On the flip-side, there is no "one step" solution to sync'ing my music and backing up my files. I feel the need to "old school" it with copy/paste of files and using Google's cloud services for contacts and calendar. But, I've been doing that since the first time iPhone deleted all my calendar entries as I gasped in horror.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:51 pm 
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I've just about acclimated back to Android from Apple. I still have an old Android Samsung Tab 4 locked to Sprint which complains about a missing sim card every time it boots up - unless I leave it permanently in "airplane mode" with WiFi enabled. It was a cheap acquisition on Ebay. And, I used to have an Asus Transformer tablet which I wanted for a lightweight laptop. What I've learned is that both Apple and Android make fine smartphone operating systems but fall short as a "laptop." I don't know why I always fall back onto my Mac or PC for for general use. Perhaps it's because "apps" are too specific for targeting tasks.

Apple looks clunky and old compared to Android, an ancient idea whose time had come and gone. They had a great run with iPhone 1 thru 3 and ended pretty much with iPhone 5. Beyond that? It just hasn't kept up with the times. For such a powerful platform, Apple totally missed their mark when they attempted to integrate the smartphone into a hands-free automobile environment. Rather than offering several options and maximum interoperability, Apple locked down the phone with their CarPlay, licensed it, and demanded that radio manufacturers install special software just to talk to their phones. uConnect said, "no." In fact, when I connected to my uConnect radio and asked, "Hey Siri?" my radio told me, "I'm not speaking to Siri" (I'm paraphrasing a bit).

Android was a bit nicer. I pressed the button on my radio and asked, "What's the weather like?" Google Assistant said, "Ok, that's fine - but, when safe to do so you need to pull over and fix my permissions" (I'm paraphrasing again). Once I gave it more permissions, Google Assistant was ready to handle my requests hands-free. Gee, to do that with my iPhone was just... not possible.

Apple declared a "Holy War" with Google and Android around the time of iPhone 4. Yes, they knew that the market had finally caught up to them But, rather than continuing to innovate and improve their product (beyond bigger, faster, and more colors) they resorted to licensing, patents, and crippling their customers to prevent them from leaving.

iMessage - yes, it's neat. But, it's just software and protocols. Google has already caught up.

iTunes - great idea to purchase my entire music collection from Apple which can only play on other Apple devices. I never fell for that trick. I have my collection in stacks of CD's which I can pull back out of boxes if I need to.

iDisk, iCloud, iCalendar - simple copy/paste to other cloud devices and Apple's calendar never behaved properly. After the 2nd time it deleted ALL my appointments I switched to Google's CalDav. Contacts - easily copied to Google.

Find my iPhone - neat idea. Where's my damn phone? Here, Apple was a bit easier to swallow. I had to enter my account and gain permission to locate the phone to control it via remote control - lock, wipe, play a sound on it, or locate it on a map. Did I leave it in the car? At a restaurant? At home? Wonder no more. Google... wouldn't let me do any of that, because it was Samsung's phone. ok. Android is a bit more decentralized for services. Samsung has the functions for locking and locating, but it didn't have the cool moving map which Apple has.

until... I fired up Google Maps on my PC. A blue dot appeared precisely where I was sitting. HOW is it that Google can locate my PC with such precision yet can't display my phone on a map in real time like Apple does? Then I realized, it wasn't tracking my PC it was tracking my phone on the map. oh. No need to log into iCloud. Just pull up Google maps on a PC where you've got a Google cookie set and - there you are.

In fact, if you visit you can be intimidated by all the information Google has on you. For example, when I asked Google, "What's the weather like?" it saved that search in its memory and also recorded my voice! Perfect clarity as well, with me clearly asking the question. Every website I've visited, everything I've ever searched for - it it's all there. I pulled up my location history from Monday and it showed the route I followed during the day and stops I made running errands, clearly on a map. Not only did it know where I worked, Google also knew which route I took to get there for any particular day. NOBODY knows more about me than Google.

I've thought about turning off location and history but I don't really care that Google is spying on me. It can watch me go back and forth to work and back, follow me shopping, etc. If they're not spying on you with your phone they're sniffing your ez-pass. it's an unsettling feeling being watched all the time but - hey, welcome to my boring life.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:01 pm 
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Apple strikes again! Being somewhat of a computer geek, my mantra is, "It's good to have a backup." I like having more than 1 way of doing anything. Enter Daylights Savings Time. How I dread Daylight Savings Time. It serves no purpose other than to check the battery in your smoke detector. NEWSFLASH: Smoke detectors will always tell YOU when it's time to change the battery and that time will be at 2:30am. Why is that? WHY does every smoke alarm I've ever owned tell me the battery is dead at 2:30 in the morning? Not at 5pm. Not at 10am. It MUST be 2:30am every damn time.

but, I digress...

When I schedule a photo shoot on Daylight Savings Time Sunday I always prepare 2 times: one for the current time and one for the time it would have been if someone didn't adjust their clock. A 9am shoot turned into an 8am shoot when a model texts me to say she's patiently waiting in her car, wondering if I'm awake, because she's an hour early for her shoot. The reason? IOS 11 failed to adjust for Daylight Savings Time!

Worse, a quick Google search shows this problem going back at least 5 years.

I fired up my iPhone 5 and it demanded that I upgrade my operating system. It gave me two choices: NOW or 2am. What it is about that magic hour? I wanted neither. Neither was not an option. I pressed the home button to dismiss the password entry screen. Nothing happened. I had to power OFF the phone, then power it back on, then go to manage storage and manually delete the update which it downloaded despite me telling it not to. NO! Everything works. I don't want a damn update. I just want it to play music. I deleted most of the other apps and downgraded my iPhone 5 to be a fancy iPod player. I do not NEED the latest and greatest IOS system to play music because it already works.

And, considering Apple's track record it can only get worse.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:07 pm 
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wow - just wow. I am so angry with Apple right now. They actually admit being in the habit of damaging old products when new ones come out, possibly to encourage you to upgrade your hardware. Someone should go to jail for this one. I have always suspected this on my Mac Mini. Once I upgraded the operating system I lost the use of my modem, I had problems with firewire, and (worst of all) there are little twinkles of pixels which randomly appear on the screen. I have to drag a window to force the screen to update to get rid of the flicker.

This is all becoming more clear. I had removed most of the apps from my iPhone 5, designating it as my "iPod only" device. It does have limited Internet and phone service, but only as a backup for my Galaxy S8. It's good to have a backup, especially while traveling. If your phone hits the pavement it could take with it your connection to the world: air, hotel, and ground transportation now become really difficult.

I powered on my iPhone 5. It said I had a LOT of applications to update. yea, that's not happening. It also had downloaded an iOS operating system update while it was on the WiFi, against my express wishes. A pop-up window came up and said an update was available. I had two choices: NOW or later. There was no "neither" option. I will be assimilated. I will be upgraded. Resistance is futile. Fuck that. I pressed the home button. Nothing happened. There was no way to dismiss my two choices of 1) NOW or 2) later. You MUST decide.

Thankfully I'm used to dealing with our robot overlords. I turned the phone OFF. Thank gawd machines need electricity to run. When I turned the phone back on the pop-up was gone, but I knew it would return soon. In the memory usage options it is possible to delete the operating system update... with no guarantee that the machine just won't download it again; but, with the update removed from its memory the popup window does not appear. Stalemate.

I'm an "old school" computer geek, someone who is known to the rest of the net as an "oldfag". Before Apple, before Microsoft, there was... common sense which states, "Never upgrade your operating system unless the benefits outweigh the potential for breaking things. Corporations have most consumers trained to actually stand in fucking line around the block for a software update! Why use that outdated iOS 9.3 when 10.0 is out! Did you hear that? 10.0 is out! Think of all the emoticons it may bring with it, perhaps smiley faces in colors other than yellow. Best of all, it is FREE! FREE!

yea well, welcome to the "stick" end of the "stick and carrot." Every time you have been downloading your FREE FREE operating system onto your "old" phone, Apple slows down the processor. You've always suspected it. You've attributed it to bloatware or new setting tweaks. NO, you've been bamboozled (that's newfag speak for you've been ripped off my friend).

You go into an Apple store with your iPhone 6 but the iPhone 8 is blazingly fast by comparison. Did it ever make you wonder why a 1.4ghz processor takes so damn long to load icons on the screen? Now you know. Apple has been breaking your old phones to encourage you to upgrade to faster ones. Still in denial? google "apple slows down phones" and become enlightened.

wow - just wow. I think we've finally gone past the tipping point here. Apple is more evil than Microsoft.

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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2018 11:18 pm 
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Migration Assistant Sucks! Here's the scenario. You've got a mac (lucky you). Your HD craps out and you need to restore files from another working machine using the same identical operating system du jour with the same physical size hard drive. The odds of hitting this just right are... let's just say I've had better chances in a casino. I bought a used mac on ebay which has the same size SSD, same RAM, but was upgraded from 10.10 to 10.13 and wiped clean - ready for Migration Assistant.

I've been this route a few times and it has always been an all-weekend thing. After refreshing my memory with some google search tips, I bought a $50 (yes, $50) Thunderbolt cable which has a bandwidth of 10gig/sec. Anything else is nail-biting slow and lasts for days to transfer 200gig of files. All the Apple Fanboys are screaming, "I do a fresh install!" yes, because Migration Assistant doesn't do what it is supposed to do. I plug in my very expensive cable to the 10.13 laptop and begin transferring from the 10.10 operating system. It took less than 3 hours. Nice... but, with 21 minutes remaining the estimate suddenly went to 24 hours and 21 minutes remaining - adding exactly 1 full day. This is not unusual as time estimates are based on the number of FILES transferred rather than actual bytes so if you hit a few large file your time estimate looks horrific. It was late and I just let it finish overnight.

In the morning, I'm still at 24 hours and 21 minutes remaining. Damn it. I tried to abort but there's no abort button. You are expected to know that cmd-Q is the proper sequence to terminate the transfer although at 5am I'm not thinking clearly. I tried rebooting the machine... and it came right back into Migration Assistant. I guess that's a feature. I figure it out, stop the transfer, but now I've got 90% of my files transferred and have to wipe the drive.

yea, wipe the drive. Another hidden feature of Migration Assistant is that it's super easy to muck up access to your own files by creating out of sequence accounts which re-assign their UID's so yes, the data has been copied but no, you can't access them ever again. I wipe the drive and re-install 10.13. It gets most of the way thru again and I see the error, "could not create a preboot volume for apfs install".

Like, WHY and WHAT do you want ME to do about your little apfs problem?! This is why you cannot live without at least two computers - one to rescue the other in times like this. Seems that an out-of-apple-sequence installation of an operating system can lead to having a apfs partition confuse the installer. Damn it. I don't know what apfs is and I'm too tired to look it up. But, I did find someone on the forums who said - oh, yea - you can go ahead and remove that partition entirely and re-create the expected mac os partition with the proper name, Macintosh HD. That way, the installer can finish its install. Thank you, Ethoic, whoever you are!

I remove the partition, ignoring the warnings. It sits and spins, saying it is in the process of removing the partition. You're a 2gig machine and you need to write just a few bytes to the disk WHAT is taking 5 damn minutes? It yells at me, saying it's busy. I quit anyway. When I come back, the partition is gone... which is what I wanted. I re-partition the machine to the expected format. ah... but, the original operating system which came with the machine was 10.10, not 10.13. So, now I HAVE to install 10.10. It downloads that over WiFi... and appears to begin the 200gig transfer over WiFi as well, ignoring my 10gig/s $50 cable. no no no! Erase the disk again, re-install over WiFi again, then in the process of it booting up I go into the admin screen of my router and kill the radio :D

Killing the radio forced the new mac to seek the old mac over the high speed cable rather than WiFi. Meanwhile, I'm running thru all the options in Migration Assistant. I selected "other" network connection, selecting "My computer doesn't connect to the Internet." That only causes Migration Assistant to yell at me, telling me I'm a dumbass. But, it needed the network to download 10.10, over and over again from Apple at 90min a pop because Apple doesn't make a download available any longer so I couldn't setup a USB stick to install it. It also yelled at me when I elected to encrypt the drive, unlock via my Apple ID, then couldn't login because I pulled the network. Or, it would not create the account I wanted, appending a '1' after it. Or, it would balk about using my first and last name for two different accounts... so, I'm guessing that George Foreman does not own a mac.

On my last attempt, I was transferring from 10.10 to 10.10 with same size disk and same size memory and had tried all other combinations and failed. I let this one last transfer rip and left the house to run errands. I was gone for a few hours, leaving the two machines to get to know each other better. I imagined all the various error messages and such that I could see when I returned and how I would deal with them. I imagined spending the whole weekend exploring options until I found one which satisfied the Migration Assistant. When I arrived back home, I saw an amazing message, "Transfer completed" or succeeded? I forgot exactly what it said because my brain was too stunned to process the success message.

On the tiny 11 inch screen was everything - my messy desktop, my wallpaper, and a bunch of apps asking for me to turn the router back on, dumbass.

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