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 Post subject: Playboy Magazine
PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:16 pm 
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Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy Magazine passed away September 27th, 2017. So many of us photographers were either inspired by or influenced by his vision and the launch of the magazine in December of 1953. I cannot imagine my life as a teen-age'r without him.

When I was 13 years of age, I would save a bit of my money earned from my paper route for the purchase of Playboy, Penthouse, and Oui Magazine. I would darken the fuzz under my nose into a thin mustache using my sister's mascara and head to the local magazine store. I had exact change, grabbing a couple of magazines and leaving the change on the counter when the clerk's back was turned. I would hide Playboy behind a loose panel in the wall where I fashioned a small magazine rack hidden just on the other side.

ah, those glossy pages and beautiful text fonts dripping with class and elegance. Advertisements for expensive watches, cars, cologne and electronic toys held my interest as I turned every page slowly in anticipation for the first nude model to appear. The model's eye caught mine as I imagined her as my girlfriend in some alternate reality where such things were possible.

The photographs - so evenly lit and wonderfully presented with the lady's magnificent curves, ample breasts, and ready pussy. My mind would scream to scratch that itch... which, hey, I was probably way too young to be looking at such things but I knew what I wanted despite not knowing what life was all about. Playboy Magazine was about the male fantasy. It is what drives us, pulls us above our crappy day job into a world of fast cars and loose women where money grows on trees and everyone dresses sharply.

Aside, you kids don't know how good you have it... or maybe it works against you. Where is the mystery? The thrill of buying a "Men's" magazine? You've got powerful search engines to give you massive doses of "Naked Girls". Type that into your search engine and... now you understand why printed magazines aren't doing too well these days.

The smoking jacket, sippers, and pipe. ah, the arrogance and a fashion statement which was embossed onto the whole world - the world! THIS is who men are. The mansion. The grotto. The fantasy... which I could never relate to. Not even as an adult can I relate to Heff; but, he did inspire me to become a photographer.

I rarely saw a camera in Heff's hands - although I've seen him editing. I guess it was not his vision to be the photographer. The 80's were an expensive time to be a wanna-be photographer. A roll of film cost $5 bucks, then another $20 for processing and prints, gave you a handful of poorly printed images taken with amateur lighting, assuming you can find a model to pose for you... and you've got pay the model. Or, you can spend $2.50 on a Playboy Magazine.

It was never enough. Photographs never captured the way I felt about sex. I bought a shiny robe, slippers, and I smoked a pipe. It didn't scratch my itch. I responded to advertising and purchased Frye boots because I saw them in a magazine. That didn't do it for me either. I wanted it to. I wanted to live the life of a Playboy and was always fascinated by naked women.

Aren't we all?

Thank-you, Heff. Thank-you for all you have accomplished - a real social engineer and a visionary who gave us the "smoking jacket" and something to strive for. Life is not about attaining your desires. Life is about the lessons you learn along the way.

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