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An Introduction to Camera Game, How to Seduce Women Through Photography by Goldmund (c) 2015

It came to my attention that a photographer, or someone pretending to be a photographer, wrote a book on how to fuck models. This book may have slipped into obscurity if were not for our pussy grabbing President, Trump who spawned Time Magazine's Person of the year 2017, "The Silence Breakers" aka #MeToo. With the roasting of Harvey Weinstein, this book could not have come out at a worse time.

"How to [blank] women" books are not exactly unique. They've been around for decades. I can give you some spoilers from someone who has been around hundreds of women for decades. Want to pick up women? 1) Take pride in your appearance. 2) Find where lots of women are - parties, socials, waitresses in restaurants, Starbucks, etc. 3) Make small talk with confidence and be non-threatening. 4) Take interest in them and only talk about yourself when appropriate. 5) Repeat 100 times. You will connect with someone. If you're attractive and have a lot going on you can just skip ahead to the local college campus and ask every co-ed on campus if they want to have sex before security throws you out. yea, it's that easy. You don't need a book to pick up women.

But, here we are. How to seduce women through photography. To summarize, the book, rather than asking women if they want to fuck, you ask women if they want their photograph taken. Yea, that might work if you're non-threatening enough about it. Then, the book suggests you move in for the kiss while showing them the photographs. (chuckle) I wonder what I've been doing wrong all these years.

I did not want to spend money on this book and support someone who advocates using photography as a tool to pick up women. But I did, for entertainment and to rip it apart. I was disappointed on a few levels. First of all, yes, Goldmund is the real deal. He understands the seduction of the darkroom and shares a love for the wet process: hanging prints on a clothesline, owning all kinds of interesting looking equipment, the "bloom" of a freshly exposed print. Only a real photographer talks like that. He's also from New York - my stomping ground. When he talks about a "park" he speaks of Washington Square Park (more than likely) where any artist would head on a warm day to take some candid's.

Goldmund says that "photography can enhance your social skills." oh, without a doubt. If you photograph enough models you eventually have to talk to them. "You will "be able to talk to girls much easier after leaning the camera game." I'm quoting the book here. And, you will need some good equipment, such as a DSLR rather than a cell phone if you want to impress the ladies. qft (quoted for truth). He mentions a 40mm pancake lens - ah, yes - I adore a good pancake lens for travel, if you're not so interested in manual focusing. Owning a lightweight camera divides opinion into two camps - it's good for street photography but a light body is more prone to shake.

All brands of cameras take good photos; it's just a matter of preference to the brand - eh... that's a bit of a generalization. As you grow as a photographer, you'll eventually want to "tweak" a setting and you'll find those tweaks on a professional level camera. I'm a Pentax lover because Pentax doesn't take back features to punish you for buying a cheaper model (in general). Pentax will come out with their model for the year, the K20 for example. Then, a short time later they'll tack on a "0" and introduce a low-cost model, the K200 which has less features and costs a fraction of the base model. Buying a DSLR is a long, involved process which never ends.

Use smaller memory cards in case there's a malfunction. Great idea. I do that, myself. I share the pain of photographers who buy the biggest, fastest, highest capacity memory card they can find then loose everything if there is a hiccup. You don't have these issues if you have a wallet of 16gig memory cards rather than 2 256gig cards.

Practice your ass off. That's a given. Spare equipment - battery, I'm thinking... yes. Condom?, I'm thinking this is where the book starts to run off the rails and we whet our appetite on how to get some pussy. That's why we're reading this book after all. Perhaps he was just bored and wanted to write a how-to photography book and gave up half-way through when he realized that Henry Horenstein wrote the Black and White Photography "manual" in 1974 and it became a staple in photography culture. But, yes - if by "practice your ass off" means "be a photographer" then you're on the right track. More on that later.

The Mindset - Chapter 7

Don't expect to fuck every girl you talk to. quote/un-quote. Truer words were never spoken... unless you find yourself in a Nevada brothel where, YES, you can fuck any woman you talk to and limited only by your credit card company. Approach girls only with the intent of capturing good photos. I see a problem with the logic here since I bought a book explaining how to fuck women by being a photographer. My intentions are to fuck, not take pictures of women. Women are incredibly good at picking up intentions. YES! How absolutely true. Here is voice of experience talking. Women can spot a pick-up line and if you ever try picking up a model by posing as a photographer you're going to have a short, miserable experience.

Every girl wants to fuck an artist; believe that truism LOL - omg, I laughed my ass off reading this. Really?! Then, wtf am I doing wrong? I am a successful artist who has held many public shows in New York and no woman has ever wanted to fuck me because I was an artist. Now, this is my own personal opinion, but I'm thinking the advice in this book doesn't hold up for everyone.

While sharing the photos,... pull her close and kiss. yea, ask Al Franken about that smooth move; or, writing a skit where you kiss the pretty lady then insist on doing a LOT of rehearsal. Women have a way of letting you know when it's time for a kiss. It's called the "signal." Signals can be a bit muddy when the girl is under 25yo, while a bit more refined coming from a woman of 30. By 40, women have reached the age of just telling you, "Ok, it's time fuck me now" so be sure to wait for it.

In bars and clubs, this is the time to push sexual limits and make your intentions more direct. No, don't bring a camera into a bar. That's a real conversation end'er. Nobody wants to be on record. Ask the wearers of Google Glasses how that turned out when they walked into a bar and started recording. But, hey - if you're in a dance club it's time to grind for sure.

The Interview - chapter 13 - kind of a dumb idea to "interview" a women about sex. Just rent the film Sex, Lies and Video Tape to see how that turns out. In my experience, the number of women who like to fuck vastly outnumber women who like to be on camera. so, if you're restricting yourself to camera hams you are working on a handicap.

Profiting - chapter 14 - yea, that doesn't happen. You will spend a LOT of money on camera equipment and never make it back.

This is a potentially life-changing activity, it can and will bring you positive results if you do it right, and will ultimately make you a more well-rounded person - YES! So true. I could not imagine life without photography. I would be a miserable, empty husk of human being with no prospects, no hope, no happiness.

Photography has changed my life from the moment I loaded a roll of film into my camera. but, can you use your camera to get laid? The book says, "yes" while I say, "sort of." kinda... very indirectly. Photography is a wonderful pursuit of art and a fun hobby. You don't need to be in an art gallery to put your photographs on display to the world - you just need a good home for them on the web.

But, what about getting laid? I'll tell you. Remember what I said picking up women? Find yourself some women. It's that simple. Go to a party, have fun, visit a single's bar. Approach women you don't know and ask them a question, How do I get to 5th Avenue from here? Can I get some quick fashion advice from a woman? Do you know of any place there is to eat around here? Sure, you can throw in, Can I take your picture, but you're really working against the odds here.

The author of the book admits that women are incredibly good at picking up intentions. So, if you're looking to get laid you shouldn't approach women as a photographer. You will be branded as a "GWC" - Guy with Camera, predators who do exactly this: hire models then try to kiss them while showing them photographs. That's pretty much the only smooth move this book promotes and it's not really a good introduction to photography.

If you want to be an artist, be it. If you want to hire models for photography, stick to photography because women are really good at picking up intentions. Know what else? Women talk amongst themselves. If you grab a model and try to kiss her during a photo session it's very likely she will tell every woman within the scope of her social network that you are a GWC, untrustworthy, and aggressive. At that point, you might as well sell off your photograph equipment unless you're really into landscape photography.

Women hate dishonest people. If you are caught in a lie your character is no longer worth a damn. Models hate GWC's who ask them on dates or ask them to dinner rather than shooting photography. True, after you meet 100 models or so you are likely to develop friendships but you can just go clubbing and skip the whole photography gimmick because that's what it is - a gimmick.

If you want to be a photographer you will be successful if you are honest to yourself, your models, and your vision. If you ask a model if you can take their picture the first question they will ask you is, "Can I see your portfolio." Never lie about your experience. You will get a lot more respect from a professional model if you confess up-front like a Catholic schoolboy at his first confession. Tell the model if you have no experience, tell them if you don't know how to use your camera, tell them every pose you want from them - if you want them to bend over and show off their pussy, tell them honestly - btw, the correct phrase is "erotic nude." You don't need to be crass about it.

If you are honest and approach models honestly about all your intentions, some models will tell you they are not interested in working with you; however, there are many professional models who will respect your honesty and give you any pose you want with the correct amount of compensation and conditions. My approach is try to scare off models by being brutally honest. Models who appreciate my honesty are a joy to work with. I never pressure or mislead models, talking about new ideas for the next shoot rather than to change the scope of the current one e.g. if we're shooting lingerie I rarely ask for nude poses the same day but may suggest that for next time.

Put the model in charge. If you're a rank amateur photographer your photos will look like you know what you're doing IF you ask the model to drive the shoot. Give them a jumping off point, like a few photos grabbed off the net (you should be able to find anything your imagination can dream up) and tell the model, "I want to do something like this. Can you show me how?" Then, let the professional model do her routine. And, do not try to kiss them, grope them, date them, or use crass language like, "nice tits."

Working with models is a miserable way to get laid. You would be better off in a social club. Stay true to your vision and treat your models with respect and honesty. In my humble opinion, How to Seduce Women Through Photography presents a conflicted message: Use photography to fuck models but Approach girls only with the intent of capturing good photos. Skip the photography. You can meet girls by joining a sewing club, take a cooking class, become the member of a historical society, get involved with your local library, teach a photography class for beginners at the local college with their continuing education program, play Bingo at the local church, or take ANY crafts class from stained glass to knitting.

Models... model. Never confuse a model's lack of modesty with sexual libido. Simply because a model shows you their pussy does not mean you have license to grab it or put your dick into it. A professional photographer wouldn't even ask. A professional photographer would take a picture of it after obtaining permission to do so. And, news flash - if you want to see an endless stream of photographs of girls showing off their pussy, simply Google "naked girls" with the safe filter turned completely off. If you want to see them sucking dick, just google "naked girls blowjob".

Don't hire models if you just want to get laid. It doesn't work.

But, hey - don't take my word for it. Introduction to the Camera Game can be found on

If you want to learn more about black & white photography, Henry Horenstein has his 2004 third edition of Black and White Photography: A Basic Manual

If you want great nude photographs of your girlfriend, drop me a line at - or, just say what's on your mind. You can also register for this forum to provide public comment.

For my next rant, I'll explain why nude models never pose in exchange for free photographs. (DUH!) quit asking.

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