Domination and Submission

Hello, I am located on Long Island, for directions visit Google Maps.  Models from the NYC/Metro area can take the LIRR to Ronkonkoma Station.  I am starting up my photography projects once again trying to get back normal.

Typical photo shoots are 90min long.  Weekends are best although I have some free weekdays at the moment free.  Be sure to send a photo or photos if interested.


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Where do I start? The theme... D&S (Domination and Submission) is a fun dark topic for photography exploration. My fine-art nude photography occasionally gives rise to something a bit more erotic. I've always been fascinated with what it means to be human. To be nude is to be human. It's what we do as humans - a state of being; a state of being human.

Chains make the photograph compelling. The ice cold steel contrasts against the warm soft flesh. The chains snake their way through and around the body to accent the figure and to sharpen the female curves with sharp edges. Steel chain is about as opposite as you can get from the nude female. Cold Steel and warm flesh have nothing in common.

Bondage is erotic. Loosing one's will, surrendering to the dominating force, being captured not only naked for the camera but tangled in a web of inescapable bonds.

Submission is freedom from the stress of life. Being handcuffed and chained helpless and naked allows you to step away from your reality for a while. If a bartender asks you, "What are you drinking?" you answer, "Surprise me." If you can't decide which restaurant to eat at, you tell your dining partner, "You decide." Or, you simply let your GPS navigate and choose the path to your next destination with you obeying its verbal instructions, "Turn right."

I can relate to following the GPS, letting it choose my path for me. It's an adventure, stress-free. The little box has looked at the route and traffic ahead and has decided the best path for me. I submit and submission is serenity. I blindly follow each set of instructions until my destination appears while the little box displays my ETA Estimated Time of Arrival.

Entering the roller-coaster, someone stops at your seat and locks you in. You understand that your body is about to be subjected to high gravitational forces for the next few minutes and you will be unable to escape until the designated elapsed time has expired. You are restrained without the ability to free yourself. You are excited.

Thus, submission does not need to be sexual or perverted. We choose to submit because submission is something which can only be granted, never demanded of us, not until we purchase our ticket for the ride and enter the queue. The bar drops onto our lap with a satisfying "click" while the attendant gives our restraints one last tug. We submit. What fun!

You will disrobe and be chained to the posing table. I will then apply a liberal amount of oil until your entire body has a thick coating. Once the oiling phase is complete I will photograph you in chains. Your skin shines with the oil and catches the light. I may alternate between oiling and photography until I have captured your body on the table and your soul for the camera. This is submission. Enjoy the ride.

It is necessary that models be comfortable being massaged nude with oil as well being chained up. I occasionally use ice cubes or a fine mist of water spray which is very cold. Water and ice is optional at the comfort of the model. Communication during the process is essential so be sure to ask your questions before we begin.

There is a form at the bottom of the page where I can collect your information.  Your zipcode is important for scheduling and verify the effort and method for you to reach me.  You will be asked to send a photograph after completing the form.  If you just need to send a photo, Click Here to send photos.  Personal photos containing nudity are kept in strict confidence so if you would like to send nudes please do so freely.

On the form I ask you questions about your comfort level, if you are comfortable working alone, and how you define your "personal space" as some projects require a degree of physical contact e.g. body painting or oil.  I prefer up-front communication i.e. I would rather you talk to me now rather than me making you feel uncomfortable later. Your comfort is my goal.














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