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sample photograph Surreal Cinema is an underground erotic photography and video project established in 1995. Here you will find outsider art photography with an emphasis on artistic fetish and bondage. Photography has always suffered from a stigma as an art form, falling further from grace with the invention of evil digital camera technology. The soul-less computer replaces the romance of the glow of a safelight darkroom where once the dedicated photographer worked in solitude to make "The Print."

As print is dead and the "fine" is dropped from art photography we are left with a mass-produced commodity which computers can duplicate in milliseconds. Surreal Cinema seeks to embrace the soul-less beast to produce the very spawn of evil... as fetish art digital photography.

To prove how evil this website is, I am offering free access to all.

I provide modest part-time work for amateur and professional female models. You can work anonymously if you prefer and jump start your modeling career experience while having a lot of fun to create some cutting edge art.


I am easy to reach via the Long Island Rail Road, Ronkonkoma Station from most of Long Island and NYC. Out of town models need to get themselves to Islip Airport ISP.


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Surreal photography is found at http://www.surrealcinema.com/portfolio/

Guest forum - stop by and leave your mark http://surrealcinema.com/forum/

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